“Bwana asifiwe! The Lord be praised!” say Victor and Lori Selemani, formerly of YWAM Lichinga, Mozambique. When they decided to join the staff of the new YWAM work in Nampula, they not only understood the value of developing a team strategy, but they knew just the right mission builders to help them do it.

“We were very privileged to have very good friends from America, Chip and Sandy Wanner, come facilitate the workshop and sharestrategic planning in YWAM Nampula from their wealth of experience and walk with the Lord. We had seven intense days of praying and thinking together as a team and made good progress, coming up with an overall purpose statement and beginning some strategy and action plans. Our vision as YWAM Nampula is to see ‘lives and families restored, standing firm in Christ, and communities transformed among all the people groups in northern Mozambique.’ Pray with us for God to bring this to pass in the coming years, as only by His Spirit’s power will this be accomplished.”