How do you engage the nations for Christ on a global scale?

By filling a child’s belly, rescuing a trafficked human being, sharing the gospel with someone, or building a home to shelter a family in need. Global YWAM missionaries do these things daily, and MBI helps meet their practical needs so they may thrive and impact as many lives as possible.

Sharing a meal and God's love with locals.YWAM San Antonio del Mar in Mexico is one of many heroes reaching the least, the last, and the lost. They serve in a dynamic region that draws people worldwide searching for hope and a better life. They say:

“Last year, we sent outreach teams to eighteen nations and many states in our beloved Mexico. We also spent time with our friends on the streets of Tijuana. One week, we spent the afternoon inviting people to the table. We shared a meal, listened to them, and spoke life over them. The Father has set the table for us, and all are welcome. It’s our turn to extend that invitation, to pull out a chair for our brothers and sisters so they may taste and see that He is good.”

“We’re passionate about community engagement and walking with the families we serve by building Homes of Hope and through various other services. We meet people where they’re at, bringing hope and transformation.”

Is it possible to measure a family’s or an individual’s joy and anticipation of better things to come? To find out, click here to see the moving account of a single Mexican mother and her children rescued from a threadbare tarp hovel and given a new chance at life in a Homes of Hope dwelling.Homes of Hope family

Every volunteer and team that MBI recruits for an all-star location like YWAM San Antonio del Mar is a solution to the needs of the communities those missionaries serve. Mission Builder volunteers help frontline YWAM missionaries engage a broken world—one life, one family, one tribe, and one nation at a time.

Be the solution for frontline YWAM missionary heroes and the people they reach. Visit and volunteer today.