Becky Hefty

Communications Director

Becky Hefty is a native Montanan whose lifelong call to missions began when she accepted Christ in 1972 at the age of seventeen. In 1976, her life was radically transformed a second time at a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Bozeman, Montana, where she also met her (late) husband Larry. The Heftys traveled around the continental U.S. for the next six years with their band, Shekinah, doing evangelism and ministry from prisons to parks, colleges to coffee houses, and schools to churches.

In 1985, the Heftys rejoined YWAM and helped pioneer the YWAM Montana campus in Lakeside where they served until 2001. Amongst other things, they assisted in launching, directing and serving with the Performing and Fine Arts Division, out of which came  training schools, summer outreach programs, and service outreaches using music, dance, and theater. Their three adopted children—Asher, Daniel and Jennifer—were raised in the midst of this  creative and multi-national community. The Heftys also lived briefly in Singapore in 2001 while working on the world-premiere, Broadway-style theater presentation of Judah Ben Hur.

In 2008, Becky graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula with a BA in English Creative Writing and Literature and a minor in History. She has since served with Mission Builders International as a staff writer and photographer in Communications and loves her role in helping to connect volunteers to missions worldwide.