Gregg and Alison Scott

Field staff

Gregg Scott and his wife Alison hail from New Zealand with a background in a variety of business ventures, including a unique one: button manufacturing! They, along with their three teenagers arrived at the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, to attend their family’s Crossroads Discipleship Training School in 1995.

With a heart for mobilizing missionaries worldwide, Gregg and Alison invested the next 12 years working alongside young and old to equip them for overseas mission assignments. They served initially with Crossroads DTS training schools for several years. Eventually, Alison transferred to the Primary Healthcare Schools, leading several outreaches into the Philippines and Honduras. In later years Alison took on the leadership of the Grounds Department in Kona and beautified the Kona campus. Gregg led the Campus Facilities and Campus Development departments for the next eight years as well as serving on community development projects in Indonesia.

They served together with Water for Life (a new ministry out of Kona), providing clean water and catchments water systems to the poorest of the poor.  They both have a heart for the practical servant side of discipleship. As they observed: “Hungry folks have trouble listening to a western gospel.”

Recently, a change of location from the heat of Hawaii to the brisk mountain breezes of Montana have led Gregg to bring his practical skills and mentors character to Mission Builders International, while Alison lends her talents to making Montana their new home for the family.