The Need to Be Heard

The Need to Be Heard

MBI’s goal is to help YWAM missionaries succeed and flourish in life and ministry so they can serve on the mission field long-term. One way we do this is by partnering with other trained debriefers to offer debriefing services to missionaries globally. As one individual said, “Sometimes we just need to be heard. There are times in life when being heard leads to being healed.”

Debriefing Director Jeanette Brewster says: “Missionaries carry a variety of responsibilities without much time to process difficult events. This can continue for years at a time, compounding stress, loss, transitions, grief, and injustices.  We all know the answer is Jesus, but the way to healing can sometimes be clouded. The debriefing week facilitates a process that guides individuals to lay their burdens at the foot of the cross and find healing. It is amazing what one week of retreat, silence, solitude, and reflection can do for the heavy-laden soul.”

Sophorn and Rothana B. have served many years at YWAM Battambang in Cambodia. They say: “It is good to reflect on what happened in the past and the Scriptures. God was always there to help us. God is faithful. You helped us trust and have peace through sharing what is in our hearts.”


Debriefing training seminars are vital. Training more staff and people on how to care for long-term missionaries helps prevent unnecessary attrition. In collaboration with YWAM Montana-Lakeside’s debriefing team, MBI’s team has conducted multiple on-location training seminars and debriefs since 2016 at U.S. campuses and YWAM locations as far away as Cambodia, Ukraine, and Thailand.

Jaimie B.’s story tells it all: “Isaiah tells us that Jesus can bring beauty from ashes. For my husband and I, debriefing was the vehicle that brought that beauty. In 2020, our lives got turned upside down when our son passed away. As we entered into a long season of grieving, debriefing became a gift to us. We felt deeply loved by our debriefers and by God. Now that we’ve undergone the training, we can offer this gift to others. We’ve seen the healing power of debriefing time and time again.”

One Nation in One Generation

One Nation in One Generation

MBI exists to help YWAM locations thrive and achieve the best possible kingdom results in their work. In January, MBI’s Leadership13 (L13) members Ron Brewster and Dawn Masucci traveled to Cambodia to continue training and encouraging the YWAM Battambang University of the Nations leadership and staff. Ron’s wife, Jeanette, accompanied them to provide debriefing services. MBI is helping YWAM Battambang realize its vision for “serving the community, educating youth, and developing leaders” in Cambodia.

Cambodia is recovering from the genocidal war waged against its people by the Pol Pot regime in the mid-‘70s, which devastated their elderly and educated population, leaving the vulnerable young to fend for themselves. According to WHO and the UN, Cambodians still face widespread poverty and illiteracy, lack of proper sanitation and access to clean drinking water, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and sex trafficking. But the missionaries at YWAM Battambang believe they can “transform the nation in one generation.” They accomplish this through elementary education, teaching English, reaching out to families facing HIV/AIDS, fitness programs, business-as-missions projects, youth development, and more.

As the MBI team made the four-hour journey to Battambang, they listened to worship songs and discovered that their driver, a man named Dang, was a believer. Dang told the team that in the ‘90s, a former YWAM outreach center took him in when he was thirteen years old. He became a follower of Jesus, which is remarkable since only 2% of Cambodians are Christians (YWAM Battambang has since started a church to share the gospel; it now has 350 believers, with indigenous staff and preaching). He learned English there, which allowed him to find a job driving and earn a living. Today, Dang is married and has two children, nine and eleven.”

Ron says: “Does it really matter what MBI does to help YWAM locations and missionaries? It matters to people like Dang, our driver! It’s a good reminder that there are Dangs all over the world, and what we do weaves us into beautiful God stories!”


Body and Soul: Sharing God’s Practical Love

Body and Soul: Sharing God’s Practical Love

It’s no secret that poverty and hunger plague communities of people at home and abroad, from rural villages to inner cities to drought-stricken and war-torn nations. Statistics show that 719 million people live in extreme poverty worldwide, and 828 million suffer from hunger.

YWAM missionaries know feeding and caring for impoverished men, women, and children is a powerful part of its mandate to make God known. Meeting real physical needs reveals God’s intentional love for those who hunger body and soul. YWAM Gleanings for the Hungry understands this. They say:

“As a mercy ministry of Youth With A Mission, our mission is to feed the hungry of the world, both physically and spiritually. A large part of fulfilling our mission is the procurement and production of shelf-stable food. In the summer, we dry peaches and nectarines not pristine enough for sale. Year-round, we produce a dehydrated vegetable soup mix, mostly from donated products. We give everything we produce free of charge to partner ministries worldwide for distribution in impoverished areas, along with the love of Jesus. We are a destination for all ages to come and volunteer, working together for eternal impact in a hurting world.”

YWAM Gleanings’ work depends on volunteer help. MBI’s Volunteer Placement ministry provides the visibility ministries like YWAM Gleanings need to attract helpers while offering an easy, seamless application process that gets volunteers on campus and to work quickly.

“The work was so rewarding because we helped prepare food to send to the poor in developing countries.”  —Joan and Morry  ▪  “Their mission of feeding the hungry locally in their community as well as around the world is a sight to be seen.” —Juli  ▪  “Wow! Lots of service opportunities here that are touching people all around the world.” —Ed

MBI supports the work of YWAM frontline missionaries by providing the volunteers and vital services necessary to help keep them productive and thriving. Visit our website at and apply to volunteer today!

Homes and Heroes

Homes and Heroes

How do you engage the nations for Christ on a global scale?

By filling a child’s belly, rescuing a trafficked human being, sharing the gospel with someone, or building a home to shelter a family in need. Global YWAM missionaries do these things daily, and MBI helps meet their practical needs so they may thrive and impact as many lives as possible.

Sharing a meal and God's love with locals.YWAM San Antonio del Mar in Mexico is one of many heroes reaching the least, the last, and the lost. They serve in a dynamic region that draws people worldwide searching for hope and a better life. They say:

“Last year, we sent outreach teams to eighteen nations and many states in our beloved Mexico. We also spent time with our friends on the streets of Tijuana. One week, we spent the afternoon inviting people to the table. We shared a meal, listened to them, and spoke life over them. The Father has set the table for us, and all are welcome. It’s our turn to extend that invitation, to pull out a chair for our brothers and sisters so they may taste and see that He is good.”

“We’re passionate about community engagement and walking with the families we serve by building Homes of Hope and through various other services. We meet people where they’re at, bringing hope and transformation.”

Is it possible to measure a family’s or an individual’s joy and anticipation of better things to come? To find out, click here to see the moving account of a single Mexican mother and her children rescued from a threadbare tarp hovel and given a new chance at life in a Homes of Hope dwelling.Homes of Hope family

Every volunteer and team that MBI recruits for an all-star location like YWAM San Antonio del Mar is a solution to the needs of the communities those missionaries serve. Mission Builder volunteers help frontline YWAM missionaries engage a broken world—one life, one family, one tribe, and one nation at a time.

Be the solution for frontline YWAM missionary heroes and the people they reach. Visit and volunteer today.

Training for Trainers

Training for Trainers

MBI helps YWAM missionaries and ministries flourish because when they do, so do the people they serve. That’s why MBI is YWAM’s go-to center for unique, professional-level, contextualized services like those offered by Leadership13 (L13).

The L13 team consists of experienced mission leaders who understand that successful leaders don’t just happen—they’re trained. Focusing on leadership teams is one of their top priorities and why L13 offers Train the Trainer seminars, helping equip and empower YWAM leaders.

MBI co-director and L13 member Dawn Masucci says: “At Train the Trainer seminars, we provide materials andGordy McDonald, Train the Trainers seminar instruction for the ‘trainers’ who will return to their YWAM locations and teach their leaders. This approach helps identify and counter the difficulties of campuses experiencing a higher turnover rate.”

Pioneer team members at YWAM Lancaster in Pennsylvania said: “We grew so fast our systems were not in place for sustainability. L13 helped us work through the stages of growth and success. Their input was a turning point for us. And their Train the Trainer seminars have increased our ability to raise and equip leadership within our staff. MBI has given us solid, useful tools that created a stable foundation to fulfill our mission of reaching the unreached.”

A YWAM attendee at a Train the Trainer event in Tijuana, Mexico, wrote: “I was so encouraged after a great week with you guys. I spent a few days with a campus we pioneered in YWAM Analco in Durango, Mexico. I saw the material we learned in Tijuana come to life as I walked them through several sessions. Thanks for investing in me and indirectly in our new Durango YWAM location! You are helping people like me to thrive so we can also help others thrive.”

MBI continues to serve global YWAM missionaries and campuses at their specific points of need. As a result, those ministries can stay focused on how God has called them to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Mission 91 Is Mission Ready

Mission 91 Is Mission Ready

MBI helps frontline YWAM missionaries thrive in their work by offering valuable services, perhaps none as unique and timely as that of its newest ministry service: Mission 91.

J.T. Pharr and Matthew Praetzel founded Mission 91 as a professional YWAM missionary team offering consulting, training, and ministry best practices in situational awareness, de-escalation, and risk mitigation. Mission 91 also offers a four-month, biblically centered training program to instruct missionary members and church staff in crisis mitigation, enhancing property security, emergency preparedness, and how to be a source of refuge in their communities. ⁠

J.T. says: “Ministries and missionaries recognize that traditional security models are not conducive to ministry context. They need help establishing effective security measures without compromising their effectiveness in ministry. Mission 91 is the perfect avenue for utilizing the skill sets of those with a call to prepare others. Through this program, the body of Christ will become better equipped to walk boldly into stressful situations with high awareness and readiness.” ⁠

“Jesus was the most situationally aware person ever,” says Matthew. “He modeled how we can impact the people on the fringes of society by noticing them and speaking into their situation, whether they’re victims of injustice, perpetrators of crises, or simply individuals who feel left out. Mission 91 training enables Christians to be Jesus to people amid their worst days or decisions.” ⁠

“Our vision for Mission 91 from the beginning,” J.T. and Matthew conclude, “has been to help ministries worldwide thrive in crisis-related incidents and environments. MBI allows us the space and resources to do exactly that. Our unique backgrounds provide something new to MBI, and we look forward to helping expand the reach of this awesome ministry. The team at MBI has the kind of quality people we wish to surround ourselves with. We couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity to work with this community.”

(Photo: J.T. Pharr, Luke Smith, Matthew Praetzel)