As strange as current times appear, and whatever tomorrow may bring—whether a prolonged replay of the coronavirus, heat-induced superstorms, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes, killer bees, hate-and-fear-induced riots, or simply stupid political stunts designed to gain or lose control of a nation—there’s one thing you must know: we are all going to die.

When friends list a litany of horrible things occurring around the world, I usually ask, “What’s the worst thing that can happen? We’re all going to die! No one is exempt.”

Admittedly, I’d have fewer friends if I didn’t also remind them that despite our dire circumstances we have the most significant opportunity today to “just show up” and be the light of Christ to those around us who have little or no remaining hope. And despite what the media would tell us, that the sky continues to fall and the world is coming to an end, MBI and Christians everywhere have a job to do until the LORD returns!

That’s why we live in the best of times! So rather than shrink back, and with the help of friends and supporters like you, MBI continues to reach out and offer assistance, whether to the lone missionary or to an entire YWAM ministry location. With practical tools and the staff and volunteers to wield them, we continue to bring hope where it’s often faded.

MBI’s history is rooted in architectural services. The first Mission Builder volunteer was professional architect Jim Miller, who helped design the YWAM training center in Kona, Hawaii. So MBI is very excited to reintroduce this element of its ministry, which resulted in active training centers being built in several nations that continue to serve in training and sending missionaries today. For these reasons, it’s a joy to welcome Ross Lackey and his future team as well as new staff members like Ben Scott—to help others thrive!

— John Briggs