No Better Retirement

No Better Retirement

Mission Builders International’s job is to connect potential volunteers of every age and ability with worldwide service opportunities. God uses everyday people—like Phill and Pat S.—to accomplish extraordinary things in missions. As with many volunteers, Phill and Pat have discovered that serving has the added value of enlarging not only their circle of friends and family but their world. For them, retirement has become an exciting jumping-off point to a whole new life. Listen to what they have to say about their volunteer lifestyle:

“We have just returned from YWAM Berlin. It was the trip of a lifetime for many reasons, and we want to thank Mission Builders International for putting us in touch with them. Before we go to serve, we always pray that we will be encouragers, examples and servants. We saw God answer this prayer over and over during our month stay at YWAM Berlin.

“We served alongside Len and Lynne Benson. They are great traveling companions and work partners. The four of us complement each other and click as a team in every way.

God used four verYWAMBerlin_worship2 - Copyy ordinary people to impart hope on several levels, and there is not a greater joy! The staff and students, in turn, poured blessing after blessing into our lives. YWAM Berlin will forever live in our hearts. We were so deeply touched by them as they thanked us over and over again. They sent us off with a special blessing as they gathered around and prayed for us at the end of our time with them. We have gained friends and ‘grandchildren’ as we continue to keep in touch. The students and several staff are currently serving in South Africa on outreach. We are blessed to have the joy of praying for them, and seeing God at work in their lives equals joy!

“We have served more than 20 times at various YWAM campuses. We always say there is nothing spiritual about dry walling, tiling, painting, electric, cooking and so on, but there is great spiritual value in making it possible for young people to be discipled to go into all the world to share the gospel. Of course, we can’t go everywhere, but we can go where God leads.

YWAMBerlin_outreach2“If the Lord tarries and our health continues, we hope we can continue to invest in the lives of young people. We love encouraging the staff so that they, in turn, can spend their time teaching the Word and preparing others to serve. There is no greater retirement! And there is no greater joy than to impart hope to those who might be on the verge of becoming weary in well-doing.

“Thank you for connecting us with YWAM Berlin!”

Whether you are retired and young at heart, in the middle of raising your family or fresh out of high school and taking a gap year before college, volunteering is a great way to expand your world while making a difference. See where in the world a mission-building adventure might take you. Visit us at:




    Im a 68 year old single male who has been retired for almost 2 years.
    From age 16 I worked only in restaurants. Age 26 (1975) my wife & I purchased an 80 seat Diner. 12 years later (1987) we built a 250 seat restaurant. In 2015 our 2 sons have taken possession of the business and are doing very well.
    I have served on a mission trip to Waveland Mississippi right after Hurricane Katrina where I was able to supervise & prepare 3 meals a day for walk ups from the community & volunteers. 300 to 500 meals x 3 each day
    I went thinking I was this special person that could really help them. after the 2nd day I realized I was the one who needed the help. God provided both in abundance. I Received by the opportunity to give to such grateful people in a time of need. I’m hoping for an opportunity to serve (in any capacity).
    Because of the rental properties I own in Cape May NJ Grandchildren during Holidays I could not be available until Dec 27 2017 Until April 1st 2018. (I also own a motor home that can be used) Hoping for some guidance.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Bob Middleton

    • Hello Bob! Thanks so much for sharing your story and your heart! I’ve passed this information on to our Volunteer Development staff, and you should hear from them shortly about how to apply and find the location that fits your needs and time frame. By the way, we also have a branch of RV Associates for those who want to use their RVs to travel and serve with like-minded volunteers. Be sure to start exploring our website, because you will find many wonderful opportunities through which to serve and make friends. Wishing you the best!


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