Oh, What a New Year!

Oh, What a New Year!

The concept of MBI—connecting Christians with frontline missions—is entering its 40th year.

Let that sink in for a moment, if you will.

Behind that seemingly simple statement are thousands upon thousands of connections between volunteers and their friends in missions who have responded to the same call: “Who shall go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8)

MBI has served as the bridge for countless connections, not just of lifelong friendships but connections of eternal value: revealing the God Who knows us well to those who did not know Him.

Over the years, MBI’s story has not changed much. The locations and the characters (MBI’s ageless volunteers from around the world) who respond to the call make up new angles and opportunities to our story. However, the central theme is still the same: connecting Christians to frontline missions, co-laboring with YWAMers around the world to know God and to make Him known. And it has worked – very well.

Despite my occasional George Bailey moments in which I question if “it’s a wonderful life,” I can honestly answer: “It truly is.” When I consider the hundreds of personal friends who have grown with us over the years and those who have come to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior, I can exuberantly say, “Yes, I want to finish this race well!”

My bride Donna and I are also entering into and celebrating our 40th year of marital bliss and thirty-three years as YWAM missionaries. We’ve been privileged to raise our family of three children, who now have families of their own, and God has provided a way for us to serve Him by serving others.

And now, 2018 is a year of new changes ahead for us personally and for MBI as we make room for new avenues of service. Stay tuned for details. We’re REALLY excited about what the LORD has in store for us and for you!

In Jesus,

John Briggs





  1. How do you calculate “40 years” for MBI???

  2. Hi George! If you’ll notice in the opening line–“The concept of MBI—connecting Christians with frontline missions—is entering its 40th year.”–John uses the word concept. He is thinking back no doubt to the days at YWAM Kona when volunteers were instrumental in the construction the UofN campus. That was when the term “mission builders” was first coined by Loren Cunningham, and the idea and numbers have been growing ever since.

  3. What a great testimony you have all been! What a great gift to our YWAM family around the world! Praying with you for more! More opportunities and more fruit! Love you all!

    • Thanks for your kind post, Karen!

      Now, wait for the details to follow, because the BEST is yet to come! More changes for MBI and new opportunities to bless the mission in more ways than ever.

  4. I will always be a “fan” of what you guys are and have done. But I really like the photo coming out of the snow!


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