Share It!

Share It!

Have you ever said, “If I had only known, I would have…”?

Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity because you didn’t know about it—especially if someone else knew about it but they didn’t tell you.

In this age of internet and social media, we can make a difference in ways we never could before—all over the globe. Information leads to action, and action leads to change. One word, one click, one share is all it takes to make life-changing things happen.

Mission Builders International makes awesome volunteer opportunities available to everyone, from audacious let’s-do-it youngsters to retired-and-refired oldsters. We do our best to let people know they can contribute worldwide to work that really counts for something, but we count on you to help us share.

If you know psocial media buttonseople whose names are written all over an MBI project or possibility, do them a favor: Tell them about it!

Missing an opportunity is a terrible thing. Don’t miss yours, and make sure your friends and family don’t miss theirs.  Start sharing today!