The Need to Be Heard

The Need to Be Heard

MBI’s goal is to help YWAM missionaries succeed and flourish in life and ministry so they can serve on the mission field long-term. One way we do this is by partnering with other trained debriefers to offer debriefing services to missionaries globally. As one individual said, “Sometimes we just need to be heard. There are times in life when being heard leads to being healed.”

Debriefing Director Jeanette Brewster says: “Missionaries carry a variety of responsibilities without much time to process difficult events. This can continue for years at a time, compounding stress, loss, transitions, grief, and injustices.  We all know the answer is Jesus, but the way to healing can sometimes be clouded. The debriefing week facilitates a process that guides individuals to lay their burdens at the foot of the cross and find healing. It is amazing what one week of retreat, silence, solitude, and reflection can do for the heavy-laden soul.”

Sophorn and Rothana B. have served many years at YWAM Battambang in Cambodia. They say: “It is good to reflect on what happened in the past and the Scriptures. God was always there to help us. God is faithful. You helped us trust and have peace through sharing what is in our hearts.”


Debriefing training seminars are vital. Training more staff and people on how to care for long-term missionaries helps prevent unnecessary attrition. In collaboration with YWAM Montana-Lakeside’s debriefing team, MBI’s team has conducted multiple on-location training seminars and debriefs since 2016 at U.S. campuses and YWAM locations as far away as Cambodia, Ukraine, and Thailand.

Jaimie B.’s story tells it all: “Isaiah tells us that Jesus can bring beauty from ashes. For my husband and I, debriefing was the vehicle that brought that beauty. In 2020, our lives got turned upside down when our son passed away. As we entered into a long season of grieving, debriefing became a gift to us. We felt deeply loved by our debriefers and by God. Now that we’ve undergone the training, we can offer this gift to others. We’ve seen the healing power of debriefing time and time again.”