I served as a Mission Builder volunteer for two weeks. I love to travel and just recently retired and was encouraged to check out my volunteer options through MBI. I worked in the kitchen. and the kitchen supervisor and crew were all very friendly, helpful and I was comfortable working with them. The base in Lakeside is beautiful and I was able to do some sightseeing on my weekends off. I was also able to attend a staff meeting and a worship meeting where testimonies were shared by Discipleship Training Students who had been on outreach in Thailand. I was blessed and inspired to hear their stories about how God blessed them and those they served. This adventure was a leap of faith for me and way out of my comfort zone, but God was with me, encouraging me along the way and I’m SO glad I was able to volunteer for such an amazing organization. I will definitely do it again! I’d like to volunteer at some of the overseas bases if I’m able to recruit a friend to go with me. And I would definitely go back to Lakeside.