How do I contact a location?

Prior to sending an application to a location, it may be possible to communicate with a location through their public email or social media links. From their posted profile on our website, click on More on the right. Their ‘Website’ or other social media links, will be below the Needs section. Only the links the location has activated will be shown

Can you help me get a VISA?

No. For volunteering, YWAM is not able to help you qualify for a VISA to travel outside of your country. For some who would have difficulty obtaining a travel VISA, the best option is to volunteer within your country. If you have questions about the application process for getting a VISA, the location receiving you as a volunteer is much better equipped to help you, not the MBI office.

Can I bring my cat or dog?

For most YWAM locations, the answer is no. Most locations are not set up properly to accommodate pets safely. There can be some exceptions for those travelling in their own RV’s, so be sure to make this clear when applying that you desire to bring a pet.

Can my whole family go and serve?

YES! But some locations may not be suitable for children and family accommodations are not available at all locations. While Exploring our partner locations, look for the ‘Family’ checkbox under the ‘More Search Options’ area of our Explore search page. While you are completing your online application, please remember that your spouse and any family members 18 years of age and older, will need to complete their own online application and that only one parent will include your children under 18 years.