How much does it cost?

Each volunteer is responsible to raise the necessary funds to travel to the ministry location they choose and pay for whatever expenses are incurred during their stay. Costs for room and board, transportation and other local costs are set by the location and not by MBI.

Note: All who work with MBI are volunteers, from those who work full time in the office to those who go on field assignments. As with all ministries of Youth With A Mission, there are no paid staff positions with MBI.

Where can I go?

Youth With A Mission has over 1200 operating locations worldwide. Volunteers choose the region of the world in which they would like to serve and we help them find a placement in that region. Explore your options!

Note: You must be able to travel to the nation you choose on a tourist visa without any special letters of invitation, as short-term volunteers don’t usually qualify for other types of visas.

Who can go?

Anyone who has the heart to serve is eligible to volunteer as a mission builder! MBI places individuals, teams, singles, couples and families (those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). We also recruit volunteers from around the world. Volunteers must be willing to sign and comply with the mission’s Statement of Faith and Image Release.

What do volunteers do?

YWAM campuses around the world need volunteer help in every facet of ministry life. Skilled professionals who volunteer may assist with such things as strategic planning, training leaders or teaching agricultural or business principles. More often, however, volunteers assist with more routine tasks such as auto maintenance and repair, construction, childcare, office work, kitchen and food services, sewing, painting, hospitality, grounds upkeep, general maintenance and much more.