How do I leave feedback?

When you have completed your time of service, we will send you a message requesting you to leave a review of your time with the location you served. You will have the option to leave a public or private review. All volunteer reviews for locations are verified by the MBI team before posting publicly.

Alternately, logging into your Volunteer Site, you can click on Next Step or Previous Applications to see recent or previous locations you have been. For those you have not left a review for, you will see a Leave / Edit Review button.

Where can I go?

Youth With A Mission has over 1200 operating locations worldwide. Volunteers choose the region of the world in which they would like to serve and we help them find a placement in that region. Explore your options!

Note: You must be able to travel to the nation you choose on a tourist visa without any special letters of invitation, as short-term volunteers don’t usually qualify for other types of visas.